18 January 2013

Dunderdale hits churn record for 2012! #nlpoli

A retroactive appointment announcement issued Thursday secured Premier Kathy Dunderdale’s record for the most changes in the senior ranks of the public sector in recent history.

On December 11, Dunderdale announced an appointment that brought her total of appointments to 47.  On January 16, though, she announced that Ross Reid had taken up a new job, effective December 16.

That brings her total of actual appointments in 2012 to 48.

SRBP forecast in October 2012 that the Premier was on track to hit a record 49 changes in the provincial public service.  She passed the previous record – 39 – in October.

But wait.  An announcement on November 01 included two implicit future changes.  If we followed the accrual method of accounting for this stuff, then you would add those two to Dunderdale’s total for the year.  Bingo:  51 changes in the senior public service that, according to the Telegram, comprises 85 positions.