06 March 2013

Exploits on the Exploits #nlpoli

In Nova Scotia, the provincial government has to beat prospective woods companies with a stick to keep them in line in the rush to take control of lands from the former Bowater mill in that province.

Seven groups want to get some part of the 220,000 hectares, a power plant, a mill site and all the timber that used to go into the paper plant.

Meanwhile, four years and a bit after seizing a much bigger collection of assets that used to belong to a bunch of companies, the government of the former republic of Dannystan can’t give away what they took by legal force.

In the first go ‘round, the best they could come up with was a company whose financial viability the current Premier never did seem to understand.

Now there’s a second opportunity for companies to get the stuff Nalcor never wanted.

Well, except for the hydro-electric power plants.  Those were the only reason for the expropriation and went to Nalcor.  The rest of what Danny, Kathy, Tom and the rest seized was incidental and, as it would seem, entirely of no interest to anyone.