02 June 2014

No sense of irony at all #nlpoli

The smart guy they could have had – but frigged over twice -  told Canadian Press:

“The understanding of the [provincial political] climate isn’t as sophisticated as it should be for those who are working with Mr. Coleman on the strategic side.”

Without knowing what the smart guy said, one of the guys supporting Mr. Coleman said: 

“I don’t think anybody ever dreamed in a million years that Frank would take the heat that he has taken over the past few months since he decided to run…”.

Paul Oram -  the guy who thought we started mining iron ore in the 1980s after the cod moratorium that happened in the 1990s – was totally gobsmacked that people in Newfoundland and Labrador were a bit off-put that the guy the Conservatives were stuffing into the most powerful political job in the province opposed a woman’s right to control her own body.

No one could possibly have seen that as a potential source of public curiosity or interest, let alone some amount of controversy.

And Humber Valley Paving.

Total shocker.

You should be able to understand now why the provincial Conservatives remain in such a political mess.

Well, that is, if you are one of the handful of people who haven’t figured it out already…  like say Paul and Frank and Danny and that lot.

And when you are finished unboggling your mind after all that,  take a trip over the the Mighty Ceeb and watch first former Premier Roger Grimes and then Steve Ness of the Surety Association of Canada explain some other details of what is going wrong for the Conservatives and Frank Coleman.