21 July 2014

Traitors Everywhere #nlpoli

Tony Collins loves Muskrat Falls.

He loves it so much that every now and again he takes the valuable space from his column in the weekend Telegram and lets loose with a verbal assault on the people who don’t love the project as much as he does.

The last time Tony got in a lather about Muskrat Falls was 2012.  Back then,  he was “tired” of discussing Muskrat Falls.  Time to “get on with it”,  he said, just like all the other blue-bleeding Conservatives. 

Tony didn’t actually have any facts or substance to his comments.  instead he relied on the same went a wee bit further though.  He deployed the same slime-bag argument that Steve Kent used at one point:

There are far too many critics out there with their own hidden agendas who are being given a degree of credence and credibility by the media which they certainly don’t deserve and for reasons which are difficult to fathom given the vested interests many of them no doubt represent.

Hidden agendas.

No doubt.

No doubt Collins doesn’t  have a point.  That’s why he imagines there are conspiracies everywhere.

Tony’s latest column is ostensibly about how all those critics are pathetic.  No “one is reading their blogs anymore” according to Tony.  Muskrat Falls is a done deal.  The only thing he didn’t trot out from the Tory Talking Points is the line about how they should get out of their mother’s basement and see the rest of the world.

It would all be pretty childish stuff and pretty funny stuff at that.  After all, if Tony was so cock-sure that Muskrat was a done deal and the critics were inconsequential, he wouldn’t be so riled up that he had to devote yet another column to telling them off.

Tony might have had a point, except when he allowed that “some of the accusations levelled against the Muskrat Falls project by its critics seem to have crossed the line between constructive criticism and what, in effect, amounts to outright treason.”



Sadly, Tony is serious.

“It’s one thing to raise legitimate concerns about a mega-project of this size and scope,”  Tony writes.  “It’s a different matter altogether to do everything in one’s power to ensure its failure, such as aiding and abetting the competition.”

If only we knew who he was talking about,  maybe we could figure out how he could be criticising people who call open line shows and write letters to the editor, yet talk about how people don’t read their blogs.  Maybe that is why they are calling open line shows or writing letters to the editor.

If only we knew what Tony was talking about… well that would put us one up on Tony.  Clearly, Tony doesn’t have a clue about Muskrat Falls, treason, or just about anything else the people at Transcon foolishly pay him to write about each week.