18 September 2014

No-brainer #nlpoli

Perhaps it is just Danny Williams’ ingratitude that pisses people off.

The multi-millionaire hockey team owner just got a massive subsidy from the taxpayers of St. John’s so that he won’t suffer any lost revenue.  It should be a no-brainer for the guy to say thanks to the people who have made him wealthy for the cash Williams’ buddies on city council handed him this week.

A simple “thank you” wouldn’t have hurt him.

it was a no-brainer.

But no. 

Instead, Ole Twitchy called the media together on Wednesday to whine, moan, bitch, and complain about those who don’t like giving tax dollars to people like Williams who don’t need it.

What a douche.

Let’s not forget that Danny Williams has been trying to renegotiate the contract with the city for the IceCaps since he signed it. 

As it turned out, the best friends he had in that regard were the big boys who own the Winnipeg Jets.  They have already told Williams they will be moving the team and won’t renew their deal with him.  Williams has been in a tizzy trying to find a new team to replace the Jets but so far the league hasn’t shown the least interest in doing business with the guy.

What Williams did manage to do was convince the Jets’ owners to leave the team in St. John’s an extra year.  They were willing but they had a price.  The Jets wanted Williams to pay them an extra $1.5 million from his operation as the price for leaving the team here one more year. 

The Jets know, of course, that Williams has a very profitable operation here in St. John’s. He’s making good money.  They can figure it out because of their experience, if they don’t actually have a right to see the team’s books.  The rest of us know Danny isn’t hurting for a buck because he is whining so loudly.

Anyway,  not wanting to pay the money himself, Williams hit up his political friends on St. John’s City Council so that the citizens of St. John’s would foot the bill. They cut a deal in secret to help Williams out.  Williams announced the deal with the Jets in early September and didn’t even have the decency to mention that the taxpayers helped make it happen.  For most people that would have been a no-brainer but not for Danny, I gotta tell ya, at the end of the day, ya know.

At the time, Williams said that the team was one of the most successful in the league. Now he’s some kind of victim and we should all be grateful.  Interestingly enough,  the only people making less money as a result of this deal are the taxpayers of St. John’s. That’s a no-brainer of a deal, indeed.  You’d have to have no brains in your head to think it was a good idea.  Less is never more no matter how many shoulder twitches it comes with.


No Brainer City Clowncil Clip-n-Save Bonus (updated)

clown council 3

Here’s a nice picture of the St. John’s City Council.  Clip this and save it to help you during the controversy over the give-away to Danny Williams.

At the top of the tree is the Old Man, Hisself. 

The boys on council are shown below him.  The boys who got tidy cash donations from the IceCaps during the last municipal election are shown in blue along with the amount Williams gave them via his team.  The four grey stiffs got nothing.

Now just because a guy got cash doesn’t mean he backed this deal just as the guys with no IceCaps money didn’t oppose the deal  Art Puddester on the bottom got nothing but said publicly he supported the give-away to Williams.