09 January 2015

The challenge of Hebron and old people #nlpoli

The C.D. Howe Institute released a policy brief on Thursday that argues that demographic changes will hit the people of Newfoundland and Labrador very hard in the years ahead.

This is not a new issue, as the report notes right at the beginning.  In fact,  the crowd at the C.D. How Institute make it pretty clear everyone knew the problem was coming.  The only question was whether the impact would be gradual over time or we’d hit it like a wall.

Pay attention to this little report. If you have been asleep for the past 10 years take the few minutes to skim the words, charts, and graphs.

We have known in this province for at least the past quarter century that changes to the province’s population would produce some pretty dramatic financial problems.  Despite knowing these problems as a matter of fact,  the current administration decided they knew better than everyone.

So they just spent every cent that rolled through the doors. 

And more besides.

And they plan to keep doing that for as long as they can.

Had to do it said finance minister Ross Wiseman.

Bollocks sez anyone familiar with two words: