06 October 2016

Canada's Dippers: taking the democracy out of politics #nlpoli

The guy who didn't know what electoral district he lived in  likes proportional representation.

Provincial Dipper boss Earle "More Austerity" McCurdy was so excited Wednesday that he talked to a parliamentary committee about it and even got all frothy about it on Twitter.

If proportional representation is such a wonderful thing, then Earle must have included it in his party's election platform last fall.  Right?

Go check it out.  

Look for any reference at all to proportional representation. 

We'll wait.

Take your time.

Search for any terms related to election reform,  voting reform,  campaign finance reform,  democratic reform.

Try to find *any* reference at all to anything vaguely like those words or ideas.

You cannot find them.

That's because neither Earle nor any member of the provincial New Democrats thought that democratic reform was important.  

At all.

Some of you might be scratching your head at this.  Clearly you are not familiar with the New Democratic Party either in its provincial or federal versions. 

The New Democratic Party has formed the provincial or territorial government is some part of Canada 29 times.

29 administrations.

Six provinces.

12 administrations in Saskatchewan and eight in Manitoba.

They have implemented proportional representation in each precisely...never.


That's how much Dippers really love proportional representation.

Zero in 29.

Actions always speak louder than words.