22 November 2016

un autre pet de cerveau de Jones #nlpoli

Labrador member of parliament Yvonne Jones got so effercited at the prospect of more hydro-electric development with Hydro-Quebec that she wanted to offer arctic and sub-arctic regions outside Labrador as potential customers for surplus Muskrat Falls power.


There are people in Labrador slaved to diesel generators.  Some of them can see the wires from Muskrat Falls headed off to the island.  No Muskrat juice for them, said Nalcor, because it wasn't cost effective.  And Jones knows this because the dweebs at Nalcor told her this when she was the member of the House of Assembly representing them.

Jones assumes there is enough electricity from Muskrat Falls to ship to those folks.  Big assumption.

And even if there was electricity,  they wouldn't be paying what people in this province will be paying for Muskrat Falls juice.  Nalcor will only get market rates and that is way lower everywhere else than in Newfoundland and Labrador.  The folks can get the cheap juice because Nalcor will force local taxpayers to cover the full cost.

Yvonne should know all this because she is one of the original Muskrateers.  Been into this from the beginning because it was fat pay cheques for voters in her eventual riding.  Shag-all concern about the rest of it.  So basically, this power lines to Iqaluit is another Yvonne brain fart.  Next thing you know she'll be trying to tell us that Hydro-Quebec needs Gull Island electricity.

And then there is just plain nuts

Of course,  Jones' comments only makes sense - on some truly whacked-out level - if the folks in Quebec are actually talking to the folks in Newfoundland and Labrador about hydro-electricity.  Officially,  there isn't anything going on according to Dwight Ball.  But then again, he makes it sound like maybe there is sometimes.

That's nutty insane but really just funny, watching them all spin around in circles.

What's really the most wildly crazy part of the recent exchanges about Labrador came from the opposition benches.  Former Premier Paul Davis told the House on Monday "that Newfoundlanders and Labradorians have been denied [fair transmission access across Quebec] for 40 years."  He said "we've been denied access since 1969, Mr. Speaker – 1969, an incredible long time."

Those two statements are whack-a-doodle because they are not true.  If Davis doesn't know they aren't true, then someone around him should know. Issues in Labrador are complicated enough without people believing stuff that is totally, completely, utterly untrue.  And it's really scary when someone who has been premier doesn't know simple facts.  Scarier: a premier who  knows the truth and says false stuff anyway.

Then just to keep things on a really high intellectual level,  Davis introduced a private members motion for debate on Wednesday.  "Be it resolved,"  the motion reads, "that any and all agreements respecting Churchill River hydro power shall be brought to the House of Assembly for public debate and a Members' vote prior to ratification."

Any and all.

About the Churchill River.  That includes - right now - everything since 1969 up to and including Muskrat Falls and the 2012 loan guarantee.  Imagine if someone stood up in the House, in the course of such a debate, and told us in precise detail how we got Muskrat Falls with all the internal communications Danny Williams and his people didn't delete.  

Does Davis really want to expose Conservative give-aways like that?

How about boondoggles?

Not just crazy.


Dumb.  Dumb.  Dumb.  Well, at least for Davis and the rest of the Muskrateers.

But frankly all these sorts of brain-fart comments from politicians in all three parties are why we have a $15 billion mess in Labrador that people on low and fixed incomes must pay for, by law.