23 February 2017

More cuts. Some questions. #nlpoli

Flatter, Leaner Management Structure.

Put it all in caps like that and you have a handy acronym that bureaucrats can type over and over again without getting tired.

It's like the Government Renewal Initiative.  Internal government documents quickly started referring to the GRI.  And almost as quickly, the wags among the province's public servants started calling the regular meetings  GRIM in their schedules.

So Flatter, Leaner, Management Structure is FLMS.  Most likely folks would pronounce that with an "I" in there to make it a word:  FLIMS.

Then the wags will add a "Y" on the end.

There's your joke for the morning.

Now let's look at Wednesday's announcements.

There were two.  You might have missed that.  There was one about layoffs and a second release that changed how departments are organized.

Why would you announce bad news when there is a poll in the field?  Corporate Research Associates won't come out of the field until they have made enough calls to get a sample and that often takes thousands of calls these days. If Dwight's people want to get his poll numbers out of the basement, this isn't the way to do it.

Thirty government jobs are going to Corner Brook from St. John's. Evidently some folks escaped the relocation in the late 1990s.  Since you can do the jobs from anywhere thanks to modern technology, this is pretty obviously a political decision.  Will this round of job relocations come with all the job losses (not everyone will move), layoffs, and new hires that went with the last round of relocations?

Two of the four departments affected by the latest shuffling around of responsibilities were shuffled around in August, 2016.  Most of the changes are cosmetic but in these two department the changes had substance.  People work best when they are settled.  The layoffs are producing enough stress. Organizational changes add to the stress. When will this tinkering stop?