23 January 2007

Killing them softly

While the next general election is set for October 2007, Danny Williams started asking his caucus last fall to make a decision on whether or not they would be running next time around.

According to some reports, Williams wanted to get new members in well before the election ostensibly so they could have some experience before the big game coming in the fall.

Every time he's been asked about a spring election by reporters, Williams made up some cock and bull story - which everyone swallowed - about having to call the House back to change the legislation. Sometimes he used another tale - again with bells on it - about not want to change everyone's expectation of a fall election and therefore catching the opposition parties short.

Truth is, Williams wasn't planning on having a snap election.


The Premier understood its actually far more useful to wear the enemy down before the big contest. Rather than let them get ready for an election at a predicted time, better to use every power he has to have the opposition tied up with candidate selections, fund-raising and all the other things that go with elections for the better part of a year.

If the plan holds, both the Liberals and the New Democrats will be so shagged out by the fall, Danny will have an easy time no matter what.

And in the meantime, he can tell as many nosepullers as he feels like, knowing no one will challenge his story of the moment.


YYT said...

sounds like a good strategy to me!
A credible Lib leader would be a first step in minimizing the number of nosepullers.

All you have to do is tune in to Dumarasque's comments on crap talk to realize how inept the campaign will be. From Joan Cooke at the helm to Efford below deck I forcast that Y Jones and Lorraine will be the only opposers in the next Assembly.

BTW, the biggest story that will eminate from the General election will be who the Libs will run in the 4 districts in Oct. Do you think Mr. Clarke will offer up his finaces to take on John Dinn again?? Don't think so!!!

NL-ExPatriate said...

I must say I have to agree the PC's biggest advantage is Dumarase and Reid how inept can you get.

As for the By elections what you forget to mention is that most of them are as a result of the AG's investigation, Hence extenuating circumstances.

Then there is Sullivan being bought out by the feds to try and discredit Williams or the Lab west NDP guy being implicated in the AG's reports but being bought out by a Ontario federalist organization.

If the Prov libs are so worried about money why didn't they let the by elections run of by acclamation. Replacements from the same party seeing as it is only 7 months till the regular election. Win Win in these trying times.

Edward G. Hollett said...

Expat, I can appreciate that some of thse by elections come from the AG. At the same time, it has been fairly common knowledge that Williams has been pushing for his caucus to declare their intentions and if possible, quit so new members can be elected.