23 February 2009

Attacking the messenger: the editorial reaction

The Grand Falls-Windsor Advertiser takes an editorial position on the Premier and his comments about Mark Griffin.

For the Premier of the province to hurl insults at an ordinary citizen of the province who felt the questions he asked of his MHA were worthy of publication is embarrassing and infuriating.

Perhaps it is not Mr. Griffin who is posturing for votes with his comments, but rather Mr. Williams.

The letter has produced what the author was seeking when he wrote it - it has garnered answers from his MHA.

Unfortunately, it has also brought a comment from the Premier that was unnecessary, uncalled for and intolerable.



Larry said...

Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon reaction by the Premier and his Ministers when information or questions are raised about a public issue. Whether you live in the province or outside, opinions that question the provincial government are not well received. Quickly moving to the attack mode using all means at its disposal is the usual Government response. I wrote a letter to the Gulf News just over a year ago on a similar issue.

Larry Peckford

WJM said...

Larry, have you been on the receiving end of the invective?

I know yer brudder has...