05 August 2010

Kremlinology 24: The Whine List

The Old Man likes to bitch about stuff.

After 61 years, he’s gotten good at it.

For the past seven years he has liked to bitch about his current job, the one he campaigned for.  People aren’t grateful enough.  He has to deal with too many “distractions”, stuff like a request from someone who wants a copies of all his public speeches.

For some reason that was a problem.

For some reason that was such a problem the Old Man’s staff originally slapped a $10,000 bill on the guy to try and discourage him.

Whine, moan, bitch and complain.

Blah, blah, blah.

In the National Post fluff piece on Wednesday, the Old Man couldn’t resist a little bitching about politics.  This is not unusual.  The Old Man likes to bitch about his chosen profession. Apparently politics distracts the province’s most successful politician from running the province:

That would be my preference, I’ll be honest with you, if I could just roll up my sleeves … and spend 99% of my time running the place.

Now, to be frank, this sounds a bit like an excuse.  Whenever the Old Man gripes about the time he doesn’t spend running the province, it sounds like he is trying to explain why something or other hasn’t happened. Like he is trying to tell why he failed or shagged up.

Mind you, none of this fits with his other claim that everything these days is spiffy and perfect, especially compared to the past  - thanks entirely to him.

But that’s another issue.  For now, just let that gripe cum excuse settle into your brain for some time later on.

Instead, for this post, just notice the list of complaints the Old Man trotted out this time.  Number One on the Old Man’s Whine List is this:

In politics, you have to deal with the internal politics of your own party.

Whatever does that mean?.

There are problems inside the provincial Conservative Party?  People are unhappy with something. 

Are they surprised to find they are part of a Reform-based Conservative Party, rather than the Progressive Conservative party of a short while ago?

Heaven forbid it could be with the Old Man’s leadership.  Most observers likely thought that the troubles that beset other parties – stuff like overblown egos and frustrated leadership aspirations – just don’t happen in The Party the Old Man Created By Himself from whole cloth, without help from anyone and where nothing existed before.

So what sorts of internal politics could be occupying so much of Danny Williams’ time that he can’t give proper attention to the province?

Well, maybe it has something to do with when the Old Man finally decides to leave and who will replace him.  Not like we haven’t seen the odd sign or two about that before. You can tell this is a sensitive issue inside the The Party The Old Man Made because it attracts the usual collection of sock puppets and fanboys.

Or maybe it is something a bit more mundane.

Like the stuff you do just because you have to do it.

Or two cabinet ministers deciding to pack it in suddenly and unexpected only adding to the string of miseries that added up to be 2009 for the Old Man.

Yes, there’s plenty to gripe about if you are prone to negativity.

It’s just odd sometimes what those people chose to complain about first.

- srbp -