10 February 2010

Doing the Spandau Ballet

labradore highlights the bizarro world of local Cultists including one of the leading worshippers who – according to very poorly informed pundits and some misguided others – is considered as a potential leader of the Liberal Party.



Winston Smith said...

Enjoyed re-reading your post from last May.

But I think there is a problem with your last sentence, "Politics doesn’t work when one side dominates the agenda so completely."

Unfortunately, NL politics works all too well when one side dominates so completely; it's liberal democracy that gets beaten into near-submission.

Ed Hollett said...

Without arguing about what words mean, I'd suggest that NL politics doesn't work in this current envirnment either at least as far as the wider public interest goes.

Wm. Murphy said...

I also enjoyed musing over your past post ...especially this quote, ...if the Liberals can continue rebuilding and start offering a competitive challenge to the current set of policies from the Provincial Conservatives"

Almost ten months later it is sad that the Libs have done absolutely nothing to offer a competetive challenge. If they have, please let me know what it is.

The other reference about Dean MacDonald was interesting..."it’s pretty much impossible to differentiate yourself when all you offer is more of the same.

How can you compare him to Williams? I would assume that you must mean something other than his close relationship to Danny


Ed Hollett said...

Not sure what you mean.

Deano basically has endorsed decades of Dannyism. His quote to macleans was vintage personality cult crap from a charter member of the cult.

Sinc ehe basically would bring exactly the same of everything (by his own statements) he couldn't distinguish himself from DW.

Seemed fairly obvious to me.

Wm. Murphy said...

all this from one quote from Macleans??

Why do I get the impression that your assesment is based on Dean's close relationship with Danny and not on solid facts and evidence.

Ed Hollett said...

Maybe you need to go back and read the previous post or posts and thren you could rely on clear facts and evidence and not your impressions.

Wm. Murphy said...

Okay Ed...I am trying to play the game. I have absolutely no idea about Dean MacDonald except that he shared an office with Danny, sat in a couple of war rooms for the libs and was chairman of the Hydro Board.

That's all I know about the guy. It is obvious that you have formed an opinion and that's fine. But to be frank..I have diddley squat info about the guy. I have no idea what his bent or what his style is.

If things unfold like some may wish, I would like to know the guys pedigree.

To dismiss him because of a few quotes, or water cooler notions, is something that I take no notice.

If you want to revisit a few of these facts that would be great. If not. I would get the impression that there is not much to share. After all, if there were big issues about Deano, then you would have no issue with banging out or repeating a few things.

You never know Ed, we could be on the same page on this one!!


Ed Hollett said...

One of the reasons I provide the links in a post is so people can go back and catch up on some of the stuff they might have missed but which form the basis forsome aspect of the post.

If people don't follow the links, then that isn't my problem. Nor am I responsible to recite chapter and verse on a subject with any failing to do so running the risk my comments will be dismissed - by someone who admittedly knows "diddly squat" about the subject - as nothing more than "a few quotes, or water cooler notions...".

In this instance, the post is simply about one of the most unbelieveably asinine, sycophantic pieces of drivel that has been uttered by anyone who hasn't suffered a lobotomy in perhaps 76 years.

There's nothing more to it than that. It should stand on its own and be subjected to the ridicule it deserves solely on that basis.

Wm. Murphy said...

running the risk my comments will be dismissed

In this case Ed, they already have...but you seemed pretty riled on the subject all the same

Ed Hollett said...

If you think this is riled, you've been spending too much time kicking the crap out of Whittle.

joey said...

Well Ed, Macdonald has always stated he admired and respected Williams. I would think a lot less of him if he trashed him, despite his liberal heritage.They are friends dont see the big deal personally,he has never tried to hide the fact.

Ed Hollett said...

I guess if fundraising for Brian Tobin and Roger grimes (before he bladed him) counts as a "Liberal heritage" then he has one.

joey said...

lol...thats a good one...guessing u thought the deal for hydro that macdonald voted against was a good deal?

Ed Hollett said...

Which part was funny?

Personally I find it hysterical when some anonymous person suggests that fundraising for two people is a "heritage".

And for the record both your anonymity and the heritage claim are hysterical.

Wm. Murphy said...

you've been spending too much time kicking the crap out of Whittle

I just knew it.... You are still reading his blog....it's almost like rubber necking at a car accident. You just can"t help it!!

Ed Hollett said...

Actually I was thinking of the time back before Christmas when you had him running in circles, but if you are doing it now, then by all means, keep having fun.

I am just surprised to don't find it boring since it is too easy.