27 February 2010

Just like the Daily News never died

Yes, folks, never let it be said that sycophancy need be without its inadvertent humour.  For record – and before it disappears – here is a headline that doesn’t really say exactly what was intended even though the article is another vintage bit of knob-polishing from a corner of the Internet that polishes DW’s knob more than a Tory back-bencher on Open Line sucking for a cabinet seat.



Well, it could mean sharp and incisive but “punchy” in that sense is usually used in reference to words on a page or in reference to an action. An example of a punchy column would be Bob Wakeham’s latest.

When used to characterise an individual – which is the sense of the headline - “punchy” usually means bewildered, dazed confused. It can be a synonym for punch-drunk which means “showing signs of brain damage”  as a result of receiving too many strong blows to the head.

Heaven knows there is plenty of doublethink going on these days but this headline on a post takes the cake.  Apparently Danny was both unaffected and addled all at the same time.


Buried Update:  Post still appears, unaltered.  A flurry of overnight posting on everything from phlegm to cartoons drops it down the order so people would have to go looking for it.

Was the Vancouver source named Liz one wonders?