07 February 2010

A fraudster (allegedly) by any other accent

A member of parliament facing fraud charges in the Whitehall spending scandal tries gamely but lamely to defend himself on national television.

Just remember:  people elected this guy to vote on what the rules would be for everyone else.

Warning:  This video contains scenes of incredible stupidity that may strike some viewers as awfully bloody familiar.

h/t Guido.



David said...

People of poor character will steal stuff. C'est la vie.

But in politics, their mouths say "a life dedicated to public service", while their hands betray them as frauds.

Worse yet, the degree to which politicians are so oblvious to any sense of reality.

Oblivious to being honest, to the reason for budgets, to why there are limits on budgets, to where tax money actually comes from and how difficult the earning of it was, to the idea that its not just a matter of grabbing it before someone else does. All fairy tales.

The Anderson debacle even shows the degree to which government money is viewed as the spolis of victory, free money, no one's money, and loot for the taking.

No wonder our taxes are so high, while we have so little to show for it.

Ed Hollett said...

The esxcues are so similar it is almost as though they were passing them arund by e-mail.

In this one you hear the whole idea that "I got here and no explained anything to me so..." and the "i asked someone on the House staff and this is what they told me to do."

At earlier times there has also been about the one decrying the lack of rules, I think and a couple of others tried on by the crowd here.

According to Guido 52% of MPs were caught taking extras or doing something questionable.

Here it was pretty well everyone after 1996, with some very rare exceptions.