13 January 2011

Connie Leadership 2011: Logically challenged Conservatives

So if the whole thing was a slam dunk  because all the Tories – by their own definition – were backing Kathy Dunderdale and Brad was wasting his time, why have so many Tories been so agitated for the past week or more about the prospect he might file nomination papers?

I mean if he had no chance then an experienced political operator like Chick shouldn’t have been so agitated that he took it upon himself – according to Ross Wiseman -  to head out and have a chat with Brad to explain to him why he didn’t stand a chance.

- srbp -


Everett said...

The Conservatives have not handled this well at all. A person should never be excluded from running just because they have no chance of winning. We are all aware of candidates who, in our opinion, have no chance of winning. But they still run, & are usually congratulated by the winner for putting themselves out there for public office.

IMO the PC's should have not tried to talk Cabana out of his candidacy.

Ursula said...

Danny Bergen and Kathy McCarthy ....

Wm. Murphy said...

I think this was referenced by Mark however it needs more coverage.
The fact that Mr. Cabana is presumably appealing to Mr. Skinner is laughable given the fact that he has already pledged his suport to Dunderdale.

The fact that he is even a co-chair with Ms. Burke is also laughable given the fact that they have both given their support along with the rest of caucus.

Ursula said...

@Murphy :

What is so "laughable" , the fact that Brad Cabana is going through the motions ,or , that the PC's have the whole thing sewn up ?

OR , have you had an epiphany of sorts ?