23 January 2011

No wind, please. We’re Nalcor.

The Telegram reported on Saturday that the provincial government’s energy company isn’t really interested in developing wind energy until after they get the hugely expensive Lower Churchill up and running.

Oh yes, and they also want to sell power to Ontario some day in the misty future despite the crowd up along having a bit of a glut of power.

Regulars readers of these e-scribblers will find the first one to be a gobsmacking revelation of the magnitude of finding out that Liberace was gay.

The second one’s just funny because it really a case of Nalcor putting a very brave face on a very badly bungled job.  After all, they rejected flatly Ontario’s interest in building the project five years ago. 

Then after another five years of trying desperately to interest Ontario, Quebec and anyone in northeastern North America with a electric socket in the power they came up with nothing other than this brilliant plan:

  • make the people of Newfoundland and Labrador bear the entire cost of the project and,
  • let Nova Scotians get 35 terawatt years of electricity for free.

And it is funny. 

Your humble e-scribbler doesn’t relish the thought of the New Brunswick- like electricity prices that are headed to consumers on the island – guaranteed to at least double within the decade – and the extra burden of hauling around all that public debt but what else can you do but laugh?

If you didn’t laugh at the sheer stupidity of the idea, you go completely off your nut.

Heck, you might even believe that the Conservatives were seriously interested in sound management of the province’s finances.


Laughter it is, then.

- srbp -