15 January 2011

Dunderball - Traffic for Jan 10-14, 2010

Who would have thought a mere two months ago that the ruling Conservatives could be embroiled in a political clusterfrack entirely of their own making?

Who would have thought that Danny Williams would be parking in the Confed Building parking lot with Kathy Dunderdale the day before a surprise cabinet shuffle?

Well, all of that has gone to making this another big week for Bond papers traffic.  Not surprisingly, all but one of this week’s top 10 posts are all about the bizarre psychodrama that is the province’s Conservatives.

The other one is an op-ed from Kelvin Parsons that the conventionals carried and the Liberals sent along here as well. Any of the other parties who want to do the same thing are welcome to send their submissions along as well for consideration.

  1. Brad and Circuses
  2. Is anyone surprised?
  3. Logically Challenged Conservatives
  4. Cabana candidacy causes Connie caucus consternation
  5. Dunderball Run!
  6. The persistence of patronage politics
  7. The caucus’ worst nightmare
  8. Kremlinology 29:  Easybake Tories
  9. Cabinet Shuffle Bored
  10. A sweet energy deal for someone

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