27 January 2011

The same old excuses

Seems like the last time double-dipping was a public controversy, proponents of the scheme used exactly the same excuse:  people won’t take the jobs for the money that’s offered.

Wasn’t true then and, given the Auditor General’s report, it still isn’t true.

Maybe the teacher’s association needs to rethink its ancient talking points.

- srbp -


paulandrewrussell said...

Remember those newly qualified teachers, Ed? The ones who lodged a complaint about unfair recruiting practices? Well I imagine they got the answer in the AG's report didn't they?

How corrupt does a system have to be to refuse young people work in order to line the pockets of those collecting extremely generous pensions?

It is incredible to see how this government allows such staggering theft from the public purse. How many people are on the receiving end of this generosity? No one is holding these people accountable. 'That's just the way it is.'

Edward Hollett said...

In the early 1990s young teachers raised the same issue and the government of the day acted on the complaint.

As then, it is a matter of the tone from the top.

Lonenewfwolf said...

there are young professionals all across this province waiting to take the positions that our public service has open. they wait for the right people, with the right political stripe or family situation to come along. it is unfair and nepotistic to say the least.

with well over half our public service at or near retirement age it is crazy not to hiring young people to fill the vacant positions and learn the ropes. right now the pool of young people they have to chose from for leadership positions is smaller than it has ever been. we need to do a major revamp of the system before we end up contracting out the running of our province to hitmen from upalong to come in and 'save us from ourselves'.

if we are not careful our province will soon be run with private consultants hired by the business oriented political elite, if it isn't already...