26 August 2013

The Problem Described #nlpoli

One of the major factors affecting economic development in Newfoundland and Labrador is the literacy level of the population.

If you want to see the extent of the problem in one area, consider the case of Bell Island.  According to a May 2008 briefing note released as part of a recent Access to Information request:

“…50% of the population age 20 years and older has less than a high school graduation certificate or equivalent diploma.  Less than 30% of the population possesses a diploma in skills or trades….”


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rod said...

Skilled people leave Newfoundland for better opportunities elsewhere. It's not rocket science. Why stay here for low wages or seasonal work?
The sad part is, our best export is our educated young people. We maintain an education system, only to see the fruits of our efforts pack up and move to Alberta. This cycle is hard to break. With all this "Brain Drain" taking place, it's no surprise, that those who remain think that Muskrat Falls is a good idea.