02 August 2013

Whatever happened to Ryan Cleary? #nlpoli

The story is the kind of thing that used to set the arch-nationalist Ryan Cleary screaming about the ignorance of mainlanders and tearing at his clothes over the latest proof of the evils of Confederation.

These days,  New Democrat member of parliament Ryan Cleary is apparently not interested in rending the Harry Rosen threads his hefty MPs salary puts on his back.

For those who haven’t seen the news, Cleary’s boss – Thomas Mulcair – is set to travel across the country this August.  Across the country  - to New Democrats - means from [as the Globe reported it] "Halifax to Vancouver [Island]."

And to add a more substantive injury to that insult, Mulcair and his party – Cleary included – want to cut in half the number of people representing Newfoundlanders and Labradorians in the federal parliament.

The Dippers want to abolish the senate.  That would leave the federal government answerable only to the House of Commons whose members are elected based on population.  The big winners in such a scam would be Ontario, British Columbia and the larger provinces.  Taking the kick in the political guts from Cleary and his boss would be the less populous spots, like Newfoundland and Labrador. 

The New Democrats have long had a problem with treating all provinces fairly.  The national council governing their party includes 10 regional representatives. Don’t be fooled into thinking that regions and provinces are the same thing.  Far from it. Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia get two representatives. The four Atlantic provinces get two among them.

That’s not even close to equitable, any more than their senate scam is in the best interests of Newfoundlanders and Labradorians.

But unfair is the way the Dippers roll.

And these days, screwing this province is the way Ryan Cleary rolls, as well.

The only thing that gets him to open his yap is the cost of a security fence around the wharf in downtown St. John’s.

Nice to see he has his priorities straight.