19 August 2013

Do they get free roller blades? #nlpoli

Premier Kathy Dunderdale made a few more appointments on Friday to boost her chances of setting a phenomenal record for shifting people around in the senior ranks of the provincial public service.

She made three appointments following hot on the heels of the quickie switcheroo made necessary by Robert Thompson’s apparently unexpected resignation last month.

What’s truly mind-bending about the most recent set of changes is that the Premier has shifted one of the people she shifted a few weeks ago. Gig Dooling has left the labour relations agency for child, youth, and family services as deputy minister to replace Lori-Anne Companion who has been shifted over to take up the job as deputy minister of advanced skills and education. 

The thing is that Gig only went to the labour relations job on July 22.  That means she didn’t even spend 30 days in the job before getting punted to another spot.  Did she have a chance to unpack her banker’s box of family photos? 

Seriously.  If the highly competent Dooling actually went off on holidays she’d already planned, it’s likely she hasn’t even figured out where she goes for a quick pee during working hours when she’s suddenly shifted again.

To really make this story hop, bear in mind that Dooling went to the labour relations agency to replace Donna Brewer who was pulled from that job to run the finance department because the new deputy minister up and left just before Jerome went off to China on a junket in June.   Brewer went to the labour relations agency in September 2012. 

For her part, Companion only went to the deputy’s job in CFYS in September 2012.  Even the mathematically challenged will realise that’s less than a year and she’s been shifted again.  She took the deputy’s job, having been an assistant deputy minister in the department since March 2011.

The other appointment on Friday involved Donna Ballard. She got a promotion, having been an assistant deputy minister in the justice department since 2010.

Smart-arsed readers will quickly recognise that all this shifting about for Companion, Brewer, and Dooling really has nothing to do with any retirements.  Sure Robert Thompson’s retirement had a hand in one of the changes. Even after you take account of the fact that Thompson's departure triggered at least one of the most recent changes,  you'd have a really hard time stringing all of these events into a massive retroactive daisy chain sparked by Thompson’s retirement.