05 March 2006

McCartney and Williams: weekend update

The old hit counter is smokin' like it hasn't done since the last days of the last federal election and it is all due to:


The Larry King Live thing seems to have prompted some people to head for google searches and they wind up here and at a bunch of other blogs.

For some people, the whole question of Danny doing the show in the first place is quickly becoming something of yet another litmus test for racial purity - true Newfoundlanders...and Labradorians... are with Danny on this one against the Twin Towers of Evil.

There's another crowd who simply worship Danny Williams and all that he has done in the same way people still keep a picture of one of the Joe S's from the last century on their walls hoping one or the other will make a comeback.

Yes, the people who pee green,white and pink and/or love Danny-boy think this is a marvelous idea and are reveling in each point of fact or logic he scored over the McCartneys. They thought so before now; they still think so.

There is still a sizeable body of opinion out there, though, including many on the street in Newfoundland and Labrador who consider the whole affair a waste of time, at best. A set-up, on a Friday night when the audience isn't likely to be at peak, discussing the seal hunt with a semi-conscious ex-Beatle and his latest wife. I'd be thinking of checking in the air in my tires if a hit with Larry under those conditions was the only alternative.

I am with this latter crowd.

But don't take it from me. Just take a look at the eloquence of our own Rex Murphy from Saturday's Globe. The inescapable conclusion from Rex's column is that Danny would have been better off - by any measure - simply ignoring these latest anti-seal harvester.
But what he [Paul McCartney] knows about the Newfoundland seal hunt would fit in a gnat's armpit and what the rest of us should care about how he feels bout it would gladden an even more rank receptacle. He's just one more in the endless file of soap-star intellects, preening starlets, sitcom revenants, small-screen action heroes and full-bore Hollywood poseurs who, over the years, have given an ounce of their time to drop by the ice-floes, park in front of a whitecoat, do the caring press conference and go back to whatever it was they were doing when they were not saving seals. [Emphasis added]

It's quite a list. Brigitte Bardot, Pierce Brosnan, Richard Dean Anderson, Yvette Mimieux, Sean Penn (pre-Baghdad tourism), Loretta Swit and, to bring matters up to date, ubertart Paris Hilton are just a petty fraction of the names that have found the seal hunt their cause du jour. Ms. Hilton, who in my view has caused the world more pain than four centuries of the seal harvest, gave the full power of her T-short to the crusade against the hunt when she sported this slogan at the Sundance Film Festival: "Club sandwiches, not seals."

If Paul McCartney and Paris Hilton are on the same page it must be a picture book...

Last summer for a day, it was Make Poverty History. Sir Paul headlined the London concert with Bono for that monstrous hypocrisy.

Multimillionaries protesting poverty, while keeping their bloated fortunes is a dissonance that may peal through eternity.

As for Sir Paul and the seal hunt - who cares? The before, Larry King had on Roseanne Barr. Larry, Paul, Roseanne - it's all so... yesterday.