03 March 2006

Did anyone in Danny's Office check the LKL or Paulie/Heather background?

We've already noted that the initial Danny Williams news release looking to "debate" the seal hunt with Paul McCartney displayed an appalling ignorance of the seal hunt issue and Sir Paulie's personal views.

Let's hope someone in Danny's Office ordered some insight, or at least took a second to do some google searches.

If they did, staffers in administration that seems to have a chronic problem with Internet search engines would have found:

- an excellent transcript of one of Heather Mills McCartney's appearances on Larry King Live.

Find it here at animalsvoice.com, under the title "Dogs and cats abused for their fur". It's worth reading to see exactly how the argument is framed.

Scroll down that page a bit and you'll find an editorial from last January's National Lampoon Post condemning the seal hunt and the image of the seal hunters as victims. This one is especially valuable since Danny is likely to take the line that the hunters are the victims. What else would a guy who made his living representing real and purported victims manage to do with this story?

Fore-warned is fore-armed.

But then again, if Danny and his staffers had their heads up they would have seen tonight's devastating hip check over the boards coming before they charged into the corner looking desperately for a puck.