01 June 2006

Belling the cat

John Risley stated the obvious, namely that the government's changes to the Fishery Products International legislation won't have any significant impact on the direction the company will be taking.

Fish minister Tom Rideout (Left. Photo: CBC) couldn't say anything to contradict Risley because Risley is right. The section of the legislation dealing with how many board members FPI must have was stuck in there as a distraction from the real point of the bill. Rideout and Premier Danny Williams spent a lot of time talking about "fettering" the supposedly evil John Risley and another board member named George Armoyan.

For his part, Williams went so far as to brand Risley and Armoyan as being "hostile" to the best interests of Newfoundland and Labrador. In responding to Risley's comments Williams did his best to ramp up the trash talk, but ultimately he didn't say anything that was either relevant or convincing. Yep, as much as Williams tried to sound un-pussy-like, there's no question the noise we heard all through the little television clip was the dingling of the bell John Risley hung around the Premier's neck.

Now if Risley pointed out that Williams' legislation was really aimed at making it easier to break up FPI and sell off the bits - exactly the opposite of Williams' claims - then the noise would be a gonging so loud even the Premier's best jock bullshit trash talk wouldn't drown out the din.