21 June 2006

Such a clever dick

Danny Williams wouldn't like it if NOIA started pressuring him to get back to the table and restart negotiations on the Hebron project.

That project, based on the 500-odd million barrels in Hebron alone would have produced upwards of $10 billion in royalties for the province on top of between $3.0 and $5.0 billion of construction most of which would be done in the province. There are at least an additional 230 million barrels in two other adjacent structures, both of which are likely to be developed over time.

Danny turned up his nose at the deal when the proponents asked for $500 million in tax concessions and when they turned down a 4.9% ownership stake in the development that Williams himself admitted was worth only $1.5 billion in total.

Speaking to CBC Radio, Williams said that if NOIA - representing the offshore service and supply sector - wants to start pressuring him they should change their name to "Annoya".

Danny Williams is such a clever dick.