14 November 2006

He's back

And it must be serious.

Premier Danny Williams is back in the province for the first time since early November when his innovation minister announced that the provincial government was buying fibreoptic cables as part of a new broadband initiative.

Williams has been out of the province, at an undisclosed location. Chatter on the street is that it was a trip to Florida where he has been known to spend considerable amounts of time. That's really beside the point.

The Premier is on damage control for the GRAP fibre deal.

He's doing media interviews.

Unlike his usual habit of giving a one-on-one to NTV (biggest TV audience in the province) and calling talk radio (biggest radio audience) and handling everyone else in a scrum, the Premier is heading to CBC studios for a sit-down there as well.

That means the story is serious.

CBC television has a relatively small share of the market and that seems to have influenced his past decisions. In this case, Williams is willing to give CBC the time and it will be interesting to see the questions and his responses.

Someone will have to remind us of the last time Danny Williams traveled to CBC television studios for a sit-down interview; my memory isn't that good.

Whenever a Premier changes his behaviour, it's a good idea to take notice.

Something's up and it must be serious for him.