23 November 2006

Let the good times roll

This story from vocm.com doesn't convey the full impact of the criticism that let the Williams administration to issue this lame-assed release. When Hansard is published later on Thursday evening online, Bond Papers will offer some extracts.

Notice that it was put out so hastily in response to an attack in the House of Assembly, the title on the top of your browser is actually for another release.

It gives a whole new meaning to federal-provincial transfers.

Of course, as say-nothing releases go, this ministerial statement from the no business minister, tops the list of completely empty comments from a politician. It simply repeats an equally vacuous news release issued in June and another issued in October. If the next update wasn't supposed to come until January - according to the October statement - then why did Kevin O'Brien make this statement today?

Think quotas of good news for polling season and department with no accomplishments after three years' work.