03 January 2007

Do they think before they speak?

1. Loyola "Rain Man" Sullivan, trying desperately to crush rumours that he and Danny had a tiff: "I haven't had any, you know, pressures or interferences in doing my job from the premier or anybody in there."

A finance minister that just went to work, did his job and never felt any pressure from anyone on anything.

Utter nonsense like that claim can hardly dispel the rumours, caused by Sullivan's own "f u" to Danny on the way out.

How many times have they been on completely opposite sides of issues now, including the day Loyola walked?

2. Liberal party president Danny Dumaresque, commenting on getting ready for the next provincial election. vocm.com attributes this to him: "He says the Districts of Kilbride and Ferryland have been in Tory hands for more than 30 years. Dumaresque says even when the Liberals were in power, there wasn't a lot of interest in those areas."

Even if it was true, you wouldn't admit it.

Since Dumaresque said something completely different only a few weeks ago, this line just fuels the Tories' confidence. It fuels the perception that the Liberals don't stand a chance or worse, that the party executive has already written off a raft of seats.

Look for the Other Danny to quickly move to dispel any misperceptions resulting from comments he shouldn't have made.