02 July 2009

Former LG Roberts named to Order of Canada

Her Excellency the Governor General yesterday announced the appointment of former lieutenant governor and former cabinet minister Edward Roberts to the Order of Canada.

Roberts is cited for his contributions in both capacities.

Roberts should also be credited with suggesting the creation of the newest addition to the caribou memorial at Bowring Park. After attending the 90th anniversary commemoration of Beaumont Hamel, Roberts wrote to the provincial government recommending the government fund the duplication of plaques listing the names of soldiers and sailors killed in action but without any known grave.

In official news releases issued in 2007 and again in 2009, the provincial government made no mention of Roberts’ role, although he was given a quote in the 2007 one.

Some who attended the formal unveiling ceremony noted that the mayor of St. John’s and others also ignored Roberts, preferring to tug their forelocks and give credit for the project to a certain absent first minister.

Now that’s tacky, boys.

Really tacky.