14 July 2009

Seen at YYT: Ospreys!

Pictures to follow but three Osprey tilt-rotors arrived at St. John’s airport within the last hour, apparently accompanied by a KC-130.

The Osprey is an unconventional aircraft that is entering service with the United States Marine Corps, Navy and Special Operations Command.  Launching and recovering vertically like a helicopter, the engine pods rotate in the air allowing the aircraft to fly like propeller driven airplane.

image.ashx For those who haven’t seen one, here’s a US Navy stock shot of one in a hover.








osprey-folded blades No Joy Update:  Your humble e-scribbler is not a photographer.

St. John’s airport has a ramp where aircraft are parked in cases when the owners don’t want them seen.

That’s where the three Ospreys and a bevy of Hercs are parked, with the Hercs positioned in such a way that only the tips of the blades of two of the Ospreys could even been seen from the airport fence.

In the twilight, the third could be seen, behind a service truck, with its rotor blades folded.  if you squint and look at the shape inside the red outline above, there she is.  That glint slightly right of centre is the reflection of the airport trucks yellow roof light on the aircraft windscreen.  The starboard engine is just above the truck.

Hopefully some other local aircraft enthusiasts had better luck and are better photographers.