02 February 2011

Tweet of the Week (early edition)

Ken Dryden dropped in to Corner Brook last weekend to endorse his old chief of staff – Mark Watton – who is running in the by-election to fill the vacancy in the House of Assembly by Danny Williams’ abrupt departure.

Watton is a Liberal, in case that wasn’t obvious.

Seems some provincial Conservative supporters are a bit spooked by Dryden’s visit and, by extension, by Watton’s chances. Here’s an example of Twitter comments by one passionate provincial Conservative on Tuesday night:

Unable to recruit local volunteers or what?…what does Ken Dryden know about the issues facing Corner Brookers? …I'd rather someone who had known where Corner Brook was located prior to visiting.

To quote a great conservative thinker, what a terrible thing it is to lose ones mind. Those of you who know the original quote – before Dan Quayle babel-fished it – will get the point.

- srbp -