01 February 2011

The January Traffic 2011

Okay so if January comes in like a political nut-bar, it makes you wonder if it will go out in a straightjacket.

Like is this the most sane the year will be or is this like a tiny taste of the mania to come?

Maybe the traffic pattern for January will give us a clue.  The numbers are still running at more than 20,000 readers a month with close to 40,000 page loads.  There’s no shortage of interest in political commentary and that’s a decent thing for someone who writes a political blog.

See if you can find a pattern in what dominated the news based solely on the top 10 posts as selected by the readers:

  1. Tory angst may be well founded
  2. Connie leadership rigged?
  3. Watton to carry Liberal banner in Humber West
  4. Brad and circuses
  5. Rick Hillier?  Tim Powers? No thanks, say NL Tories
  6. Is anyone surprised?
  7. Logically challenged Conservatives
  8. Cabana candidacy causes Connie caucus consternation and Dunderball Run! [tie]
  9. Fear and Loathing in the Caucus Room and Democratic Deficit [tie]
  10. Coo-coo for Connie Puffs

- srbp -