17 December 2011

The Traffic the Grinch couldn’t Steal #nlpoli

Muppets, lawyers and politicians.

Problems in the fishery, bad grammar and blatant political patronage.

Just another week in the live action edition of the National Midnight Star, otherwise known as politics in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Last week’s top 10 most read posts at SRBP:

  1. A bad week for Penashue
  2. Change in the fishery
  3. The Crowd in the Dark
  4. Globe and Mail goes American
  5. Danger:  Lawyer at Work
  6. Muskrat Falls deal will succeed:  Nalcor boss
  7. Ball takes over as Liberal leader
  8. Connies pork up offshore board
  9. A grain of salt
  10. Yes, it IS a Muppet movie, ya wingnut

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