10 December 2011

There’s no changing the channel traffic #nlpoli

The top stories as chosen by SRBP readers:

  1. The problem with the Liberals (post by Craig Westcott)
  2. Muskrat Falls Friday Trash Dump
  3. The truth hurts
  4. Emera buys NL line service company
  5. Margin of error defined
  6. Dazed and confused, Muskrat proponents version
  7. Speech writing
  8. “…particularly hypocritical…”
  9. We’re sorry – Scouts Canada
  10. The price of hydro exports

Someone said recently that the Muskrat Falls story is over, that people need to change the channel and get on with something else.

The only people who think that way are people who back the project.

The more other people learn about the project, the more those other people oppose it.

That’s why the people who back the project want everyone to stop talking about it.

This week’s traffic bears out the continued interest in Muskrat Falls.

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