02 January 2012

A challenge for Premier Dunderdale #nlpoli #cdnpoli

“In any thriving democracy, sound public policy can only come through informed debate and discussion.”

”Beginnings” , SRBP, January 3, 2005.

Premier Kathy Dunderdale thinks that at least some of the opposition to Muskrat Falls comes from picking at “snapshots” of the project instead of looking at the big picture. 

Truth is the three political parties in the province all support her project.  The NDP are all in.  The Liberals are just quibbling over minor details.

The Premier also spent a fair chunk of time in her year-end interviews talking up her critics online and running down the debate skills of her opponents in the legislature.

The people of Newfoundland and Labrador deserve to hear the Premier’s detailed, passionate argument in favour of the multi-billion dollar Muskrat Falls.

They also deserve to hear a detailed, passionate argument her plan.

Since they aren’t going to get that from the province’s political parties, here’s the simple solution:

The Premier can debate your humble e-scribbler.

In public.

One night only.

Book a big enough hall, sell tickets and open the thing to the news media and to online coverage.

We can sort out the date, time place and format.  We’ll find a moderator.

Proceeds from  the event will go to the charity of the debaters’ choice.  Your humble-e-scribbler will give his share to the Arthritis Society.

The Premier can take all the time she needs to get ready but since she has her own deadlines to meet, we should be able to get the thing done before Easter. 

The Premier is backed by the mighty forces of Nalcor.  She has the army of bureaucrats in the Confederation and all the communication coaches, debate trainers, technical experts and pundits she can hire.

Your humble e-scribbler has himself, a couple of buddies and the Internet.

The Premier should have no problem at all.

All she has to do is accept the challenge.

- srbp -