21 January 2012

Muskrat Falls: The Kennedy Tweets #nlpoli #cdnpoli

Here’s a string of tweets from natural resources minister Jerome Kennedy on Friday night:
Jerome Kennedy @jerome_kennedy
Let me try and simplify Muskrat Falls. First question, do we(NL) need the power? If yes, then question # 2,what are we going to do about it? 
Jerome Kennedy @jerome_kennedy
MF cont'd. If we need the power what are our options: Muskrat Falls, refurbish Holyrood with small hydro and wind,Gull Island,or do nothing. 
Jerome Kennedy @jerome_kennedy
MF cont'd. Gull island is not an option at present. To do nothing is not an option. So, do we do Muskrat Falls or refurbish Holyrood. 
Jerome Kennedy @jerome_kennedy
MF cont'd. Nalcor argues that MF is $2.2B cheaper than Holyrood.Manitoba Hydro will examine this question and they are independent of govt. 
Jerome Kennedy @jerome_kennedy
The cost of oil makes Holyrood so expensive. At peak it burns 18,000 barrels of oil per day. Experts tell us that oil will continue to rise 
Jerome Kennedy @jerome_kennedy
Why the cost of oil will continue to rise-not enough supply to meet demand, activities in the Middle East and growth in China. Makes sense. 
Jerome Kennedy @jerome_kennedy
MF cont'd. Cost of fixing up Holyrood is $600M. Forecasted cost of oil between 2017-36 is more that $7B.Hydro avoids the volatility of oil.
And then came this one:
Mark Watton @mark_watton
@jerome_kennedy You know, if the House were sitting, you could do this using more than 140 characters at a time. #nlpoli in reply to @jerome_kennedy
Followed by complete silence from the minister.

Interesting synopsis of the government argument, though.  Interesting because of what it leaves out.
There’ll be more from SRBP in the days ahead.

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More Tweets Update:
Jerome Kennedy @jerome_kennedy
MF cont'd(No.8) - Environmental benefits - Closing Holyrood is the equivalent of taking 300,000 cars off the road.Reduces GHGs by 1M tons/yr.
Jerome Kennedy @jerome_kennedy
MF cont'd (No.9) - Economic Benefits- peak employment of 2700. Job preference to Labradorians. Billions in income and taxes .Little talk of this.
And yet more tweets (Jan 22):
MF No.10 - Power rates continue to rise due to the price of oil. Critics argue that rates will double because of MF.This is simply not true. 
MF No.11-The average ratepayer will pay $217 monthly in 2016,pre-Muskrat.This is projected to rise to $232 in 2017 when MF starts up (▲$15). 
MF No.12-With Muskrat Falls the average user's rates are projected to go up from $232/mth to $246/mth between 2017-30. Rates will rise $14. 
MF No.13-Without Muskrat rates are projected to go up $57 between 2017-30,as compared to $14 with Muskrat.MF will stabilze [sic] and reduce rates.