09 August 2012

Take Tom with a grain of salt #nlpoli

Apparently, a herbicide used by the provincial government is about as toxic as table salt.

For those who missed it, here’s transportation minister Tom Hedderson explaining why the herbicide is safe as safe can be.

Here the VOCM story in its entirety in case VOCM disappears them as they’ve done with other stuff:

The province will not be halting its roadside spraying program despite repeated calls to do so from those concerned about chemical 2-4 D.

The Minister of Transportation and Works says when used properly, Tordon 101 is a safe herbicide to halt the growth of brush. Tom Hedderson says the spraying is being done by highly trained individuals. Tordon 101 includes one of five chemicals listed on a cosmetic pesticide ban this summer -- government however is still using it. The difference Hedderson says is necessary versus unnecessary use.

He says spraying is the most effective, safest, and gives the best results for clearing brush. The toxicity is comparable to that of table salt. But that's not to say the chemical in higher doses could cause health effects.

The province maintains double the buffer required by Health Canada from sensitive areas like municipalities and waterways.