24 August 2012

If they don’t stop it, we’ll go blind #nlpoli

You have to wonder sometimes how far Tory politicians will go to issue a good news comment of some kind during the time when the government pollster is in the field.

They are the only ones who do this, apparently, as part of the Tories’ organized effort to skew public opinion polls and then crow about the adulterated results.

Anyway, this is a two part example of the lengths to which the quarterly orgy of public onanism goes sometimes.

Step One:  Newfoundland and Labrador Housing Corporation issued a news release last week praising the fact that the company is doing routine repairs on its social housing property.

Yes, that’s right.

A can of Matchless, a few brushes and a couple of working stiffs and not one, not two, but three Tory members of the House of Assembly are all over themselves in an orgy of public political onanism.

There truly is no love quite so tasteless as self-love. 

Cabinet minister Tom Hedderson started off the gushing. St John’s South MHA Tom Osborne – a member that works, as his campaign slogan assured everyone – then joined in, pronouncing himself “pleased” with the work done in his district.  Not to be outdone, Steve Kent also loved up the licks of paint.

Step Two:  Desperate to get in on the jerk-fest, Mount Pearl South MHA Paul Lane tweeted about the release with a link.


These guys were truly hard up for a wank.