14 September 2012

Your Future. Their Hands. Weakest Link edition #nlpoli

Fact:  Sandy Collins is the member of the House of Assembly for Terra Nova.

Fact:  Collins is a provincial Conservative.

Fact:  Sandy Collins supports Muskrat Falls.

Fact:  Collins was executive assistant to Paul Oram, a cabinet minister who had some problems with facts relating to the province’s recent history

Fact:  Collins is the parliamentary secretary to the health minister.

Fact:  Sandy Collins is a teacher. Here’s a snip from his official bio:

In 2001, he was awarded a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Political Science and History. He then accepted a one-year teaching position in South Korea. As a result of that experience, he returned to university and in 2003 received a Bachelor of Education and completed his four-month teaching internship at Holy Cross School in Eastport. In October of 2003, he accepted his second contract in South Korea.

 Fact:  Collins tweeted this comment on Thursday after Tom Osborne announced he was quitting the Conservative caucus to sit as an independent:

sandy collins chainlink

Fact:  What Collins tweeted and described as a fact is not a fact at all. 

Fact:  Collins’ tweet is grammatically incorrect.

Fact:  Collins is not the weakest member of the Conservative caucus but he is in a tight race for the title.

Fact:  The future of your beloved province is in this guy’s hands.