16 October 2012

Conventional Wisdom #nlpoli

After a wild weekend in Suburbia in the Woods, the province’s ruling Conservatives turned up all over the talk radio shows going on about how there were so many Tiny Tories at the convention and how a chunk of the provincial executive was made up of people under 30 years of age.

Clearly, the Tories are bothered by something to do with age, as in they are loaded down at the top end with people who aren’t young.  Like say the Old Man, who was the oldest person elected Premier when he took office in 2003.

Or Kathy Dunderdale, who beat Danny by a good few years to be the oldest person ever elected Premier.

Or maybe they are just a-feared of the province’s New Democrats.

Health minister Susan Sullivan got into a huge chat with Open Line Show host Randy Simms Monday morning about the young ‘uns and then the Muskrat Falls and how all the people at the convention just wanted to get ‘er done. Enough talk.  Get on with it. Susan must have been talking to Tony Collins.

And then she talked about experts and how she was waiting to see what experts the NDP would bring to refute Nalcor’s experts about Muskrat Falls.  Why the NDP specifically?

Good question.

Tories go on and on about the NDP these days.  They are worse than that fellow with one hand who kept hearing ticking all the time.  Whatever happened to him?

When they weren’t being young or worried about the NDP, the Tories in Gander were passing resolutions that committed them to nothing specific.

When they weren’t doing all that, they were listening to Kathy Dunderdale tell them about how wonderful things had been over the past 10 years or so all thanks to Tories.  When she was done telling them that, she was telling them how things were not that good. 

Apparently you can blow and suck at the same time.

Too much debt, not enough other things going on besides oil, and too much spending. Time to do something about it.

It was the same message she delivered in January.  Now 10 months later, long after she said she would start to do something about the mess she and her colleagues had created, Kathy Dunderdale is still talking.

So then Kathy talked about her communications problem. Something about how people needed to know what the Tories were doing. Like the people of Newfoundland and Labrador didn’t already see the sucking and the blowing in real time.

Oh yes, and Bill 29 was absolutely the right thing to do.

Like talking more about Bill 29 was what the Tories really needed to restore public confidence in them.

Such is Tory conventional wisdom.