17 October 2012

The Power of Delusion #nlpoli

Kathy Dunderdale gave a speech to the hundreds of Conservatives who gathered in Gander last weekend for their annual convention.

The Telegram’s James McLeod transcribed most of it and posted it to his blog at the Telly website.

Dunderdale’s speech is amazing because, unlike her recent speeches, she didn’t rehearse every single word and gesture.  This one is all Kathy, speaking earnestly about what she believes.

The Premier has an rather curious perspective on many things.  One of the most curious is history.  Here’s what she said about Brian Peckford, for example:

When Brian Peckford had his astounding, stellar win back in the ‘80s, we won more seats last year than he won in that election that was the great, great victory.

The Tories under Kathy Dunderdale won 37 seats in October 2011 with 124, 543 votes.  Dunderdale lost seats in the traditional Tory bedrock of St. John’s.  That’s the first time in post-Confederation history that the Tories have formed a majority government without owning the majority of seats in metro St. John’s.

The Peckford election Dunderdale was talking about was 1982.  That year the Tories won 44 seats with 152, 966 votes. The Tories also won all the St. John’s seats.

Whatever elections Kathy Dunderdale was talking about, it certainly wasn’t the 1982 or 2011 ones.

So what was she talking about?

Apparently only she knows.