01 November 2012

C.H.U.R.N #nlpoli

The first day of a new month and Premier Kathy Dunderdale is continuing to set new records of turn-over in the senior ranks of the provincial public service.

It’s been a mere two weeks since the record-setting 40th change in a single year.  On Thursday, Dunderdale added five more:
  • a new deputy minister in advanced skills and training, who previously was the DM in education,
  • promotion for an assistant deputy minister in advanced skills to the post of associate deputy minister in the same department,
  • an acting deputy minister in education,
  • a new assistant secretary to cabinet for social policy, and,
  • a new assistant deputy minister in child youth and family services.
Note that two of those will open up the chance for further changes.  The acting DM in education will need to be replaced or confirmed.   The ADM for social policy will vacate and ADM job in health and community services on November 7.

SRBP forecast that Dunderdale was on track for 49 changes at the senior executive level before the end of 2012.