21 February 2013

She’s Got Marty Feldman Eyes #nlpoli

If you want to see a politician under significant stress, take a look at Kathy Dunderdale talking to reporters about her party’s heavily organized effort to goose unscientific, online polls.

Her voice is high pitched.

She’s moving around.

And she’s got Marty Feldman Eyes.


But the real tell is her screwed-up face and her insistence right off the top that “there is no story here.” 

Nothing could clearly be further from the truth.  She wouldn’t be so agitated otherwise.

She gets huffy about what people can and cannot tell her to do and she insists at great length that this is all normal and natural.

Notice that she compares these online polls to Canadian Idol.

An entertainment show.

Last time your humble e-scribbler checked, Dunderdale wasn’t looking for a recording contract on some television “reality” show.

Notice that Jerome Kennedy looks like he has been through a a few hours on the receiving end of a rubber hose and a telephone book. The rest of cabinet who trooped into the room with her looked like they’d done a few rounds with the phone book themselves.

These people are not having a good time, Kathy Dunderdale least of all, it seems.

if she is this stressed now, imagine how she is going to feel when they announce all the cuts and lay-offs.