19 February 2013

Who farted? #nlpoli

Finance minister Jerome Kennedy took his budget “consultation” roadshow to Corner Brook the other day.  Former finance minister Tom Marshall showed up to help.  Tom has run more than a few of these farces so he could lend a hand if things got tough.

Well, all that was one thing.

The other thing is the way the video freezes in the online CBC story on the “consultation” in Corner Brook. 

who farted2Tom and Jerry look like they are desperately trying to avoid something unpleasant.  Maybe they got used to doing this during an awkward moment in cabinet when someone passed gas or went on some tirade about Randy Simms or “Quebec”. Tom looks up at the ceiling and looks thoughtful.  Jerry looks at something on his desk and tries to look equally thoughtful.

And then when the awkward moment passed, they could get back to business.

Then for a third thing, you have to understand that advertising shows up on websites based on a program that ties the ad to a key word associated with the story. They might also vary it by geography but in this case there’s an obvious connection between the story and this ad that popped up right next to Tom Marshall.

who farted3

There’s a picture of some geezer who looks like he hasn’t had a good fart in a few years explaining how he wrote off his credit card debt.  “Click here to find out” reads the copy.

Maybe Tom is wondering if he should just give in and click the ad.

What’s to lose?  We couldn’t be in any worse shape than Tom got us into already when he was finance minister.

You cannot make any of this stuff up.