30 May 2013

There’s something to be said for eloquence #nlpoli

Russell Wangersky is a fine writer with a keen and insightful mind.

He is also an editor at the province’s largest circulation daily.

That’s the same place where former fisheries minister Trevor Taylor has been scribbling a column every week.

Wangersky’s Tuesday column takes considerable issue with Taylor’s  column the week before.

One of the cornerstones of Taylor’s argument [against Liberal fisheries critic Jim Bennett] seems to be that anyone questioning the effects of aquaculture should have the facts.

And then Wangersky proceeds to give example after example after example where the provincial government refuses to release facts on things like disease rates and parasite rates in farmed fish in the province.

[Taylor’s] of the opinion the information is all right there. Talking about infectious salmon anemia, for example, he says “Salmon that become infected and die in a farm are documented and declared; it is public knowledge.”

Really? Finding information on aquaculture problems in this province is like pulling teeth. My bet is that even a former fisheries minister couldn’t get the answers.

750 words that you can summarise with six:

Trevor Taylor is full of crap.


True, mind you..

But brutal.