27 May 2013

Like Father. Like Son. #nlpoli

So after a teaser column in the Telegram last week that was more creative fiction than serious history or memoir, John Crosbie explained why he loves the Muskrat Falls project in this Saturday’s instalment of Geriatric Townie Pass-times.

It’s really simple.

The project will be splendiferous.


Amazingly, marvellously, Keebler-elves-kinda-magical.

And we know all that because the good folks behind the project have said so.

We can trust Ed Martin, Gil, Bennett, and all da crowd because, as Crosbie tells us:

It is significant that Nalcor and Newfoundland Hydro have given their opinion that this is the least-cost option to meet our increasing electricity demand and gives us a clean, reliable source of renewable energy and stable electricity prices. They do not give such opinions lightly - they are very mindful of their reputations as engineers, economists and business executives, and they believe the project to be financially viable, particularly with the generous assistance federally, long overdue, from the Harper administration.

There is not the slightest bit of subtlety, irony, or any other clever humour in this.

John loves Muskrat Falls because it will answer all our prayers and John knows this because the good people at the Newfoundland Power Commission have told us.  And God knows they would never, ever make a mistake because their own reputations are on the line.

Like Joe Smallwood never, ever said that about Churchill Falls.

This is a great deal.  This is a wonderful deal.  It must be a glorious deal because we have trusted the Great Brains at Brinco to put it together with the Great Brains at Hydro-Quebec.



British and French. 

French and British. 

Working together in harmony..

There is no way those Great Brains could be wrong.

No way.

No way, indeed.

In the end,  John Crosbie has become his political father.

Such is the way of the universe.