19 June 2013

Why aren’t they happy? #nlpoli

Here are some screen captures for your consideration.

CBC’s Jeremy Eaton took the video as part of his coverage of a great announcement. 

The provincial government is putting money into a pilot project that would let some personal care homes take in residents needing higher levels of care than the home might currently be rated for.  That’s a big thing given the rapidly aging population and the shortage of beds for all the people that are going to need them.

sourpuss1Here’s a crowd shot.

You’d never this was a great news announcement given the sour mugs all through the crowd.

The guy right up front there is Vaughn Granter, the Conservative member for the district in which health minister Susan Sullivan decided to make this announcement.  Evidently, going out to the hinterland for a money announcement is part of the Conservative charm offensive to overcome their crappy polling numbers.

sourpuss2Here’s another shot from the scrum Sullivan held with reporters afterward.  Granter made sure he got in the shot by standing closer to Sullivan than might be entirely necessary or appropriate.

But notice Granter’s whole posture and facial expression.   He’s standing pretty stiffly at attention there. People facing firing squads look happier and a lot more relaxed than poor old Vaughn.

Wonder what was bugging him?