04 June 2013

Off track betting #nlpoli

That big, ginormous phone-banging-up, trade dispute thingy with evil Ottawa?

So not happening any more.

"We seem to be back on track.  We have alignment," Premier Kathy Dunderdale told reporters on Tuesday at an event announcing fitness grants to community groups.

Check the Ceeb account for Kathy Dunderdale’s Dubya-like babbling, but without all the clarity of thought and expression:

"If you're asking us to look at something … here, then we need to know what you're providing over here to counter that. So all of that is in the mix, and we'll see what comes out at the end of it all."

Big phew there.

That was soooooo tense for a while.


Seriously, though.

Except for any fall-out that was a direct consequence of the Premier’s whack-a-doodle outbursts, were the free trade talks ever off the tracks?


Here’s betting they weren’t.