06 December 2013

University Enrolment #nlpoli

Just for the sake of looking at some numbers, here are some statistics on university enrolment in Newfoundland and Labrador over the past decade.

The figures are from Statistics Canada.

The first chart shows total undergraduate enrolment (blue line) from 2001/02 to 2011/12.  The red line is the total enrolment of Canadian citizens.

tot UG enrol 01-11

The gap between the red and blue lines represents the number of international students.  The number has grown quite sharply in the past 10 years, as the second chart shows.  It’s gone from about 150 in 2001-02 to just above 700 a decade late.  As much as Memorial University has welcomed lots of new international students,  total undergraduate enrolment is clearly on the decline.

international undergrad

Things in graduate studies are going up.  There were a couple of hundred more Canadian students in masters level programs in 2011-12 compared to 2001-02.  Doctoral student enrolment was up as well, although not by nearly as much.

cdn grad

International graduate student numbers also grew.  The blue line in the chart below is the undergraduate enrolment we showed you above.  The red line represents international enrolment at the masters level and the orange line is the number of international students at the doctoral level.

intl student three levels

At the masters level, the number of international students grew sharply after 2010.  That’s likely due to all the marketing Memorial has done overseas.


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